The length per letter is flexible. The ideal range for a letter is 1-2 pages (single spaced). However, longer submissions will be accepted and we can work together if it needs to be trimmed down. If you feel your story is sensitive and/or that sharing it would put you in jeopardy, we can arrange for your name to be substituted. Otherwise, please include your name.
Things to include:
-A photo of you (if you are willing- not required) in a place that is meaningful to you or a photo of you doing something that you feel passionate about  is encouraged!
-A short bio (1-4 sentences) would also be helpful.
-Your contact information (your preferred email address would be best- or telephone number: your information will not be shared) so we can respond to you!

Then, when you’re ready, submit your letter to !


Not sure what to write? Consider these guiding questions:

1) Where did you grow up? When were you born? What was it like to grow up in your corner of the world, in your decades of growing up? What were some of the good things about growing up in this place? What were some of the challenges?
2) What religious and/or political values do you notice are prominent in your dwelling place? How have these beliefs/laws/policies helped or hindered you?
3) What messages did you hear about your gender while growing up? What did you think was expected of you as a girl or woman? What did you think was expected of boys or men? Did you feel empowered by these messages or hindered?
4) What dreams did you have as a young girl? Did you see those dreams come into fruition?
5) What injustice do you notice in the world that you wish to change? What are you doing to be a part of that change?
6) What dreams do you have for future girls in your village, city, town, place of employment, etc?
7) Who inspires you? Who has changed your life or the way you see things?


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